• Indiana Department of Education - Parent Pledge
    Education cannot end when the final bell rings and the car-pool line forms. Kids must go home to environments that reinforce key academic lessons and support positive classroom behavior. Indiana's Parent Pledge serves as a vital call to action for Hoosier parents. Delivering equal educational opportunities to all children requires every education stakeholder (parents, educators, local leaders and community organizations) to invest unprecedented time and energy in our next generation of leaders.

    Stressing collaboration, engagement and accountability, the Parent Pledge seeks to celebrate parents who are already contributing in big ways to help their children excel, as well as bring more parents on board as partners in promoting students' academic achievement. The pledge emphasizes important principles such as reading every day, homework completion, and school attendance.
    More than 80 schools have signed up to pilot the pledge in Hoosier classrooms. These schools received a copy of the pledge and a packet of supporting materials including useful activities and strategies to assist in developing a "Parent Pledge culture" in school buildings. Throughout the year, Indiana Department of Education will honor schools and educators using the pledge as a way to engage more parents in school communities across the state.

    To learn more about Indiana's Parent Pledge, please visit www.doe.in.gov/parentpledge