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    Welcome to Mrs. Harper's Page!

    Email Address: sharper@mvsc.k12.in.us
    Classroom Extension: 6120 / 6136 / 6145
    Room Number: B2, B3, B4

    Why I like teaching at Fieler: I thoroughly enjoy working with all of the teachers and other staff members; they are the absolute best!  I also enjoy being able to assist the teachers and their students with enhancing their computer knowledge and skills as well as teaching them how to use all of the newest software!

    Degree / University

    MCSC / Paraprofressional Assessment Exam

    My Favorite Links

    AAA Math

    An excellent math web site for grades K-12


    An excellent math and early language arts web site for grades K-1

    Black History (created by Lawson State Community College)

    An excellent web site to explore all important African Americans that have made a difference in our American history for grades K-12

    Cool Math

    An excellent interactive math web site for grades 3-12

    Fun Brain

    An excellent language arts and math web site full of educational games for grades 2 -8

    Miss Maggie
    An excellent web site full of activities for math, language arts and geography for grades 3-8
    Presidential Web Page (Potus)

    An excellent web site for Presidential information, photographs and much more; for grades K-8

    Spelling City

    An excellent web site for students and teachers alike; student spelling words are incorporated into games; online spelling tests are available for grades 2-8


    An excellent web site to learn your ABC's and learn to read for grades K-2


    Harper S

    Mrs. Harper
    Technology Coordinator