Graduation Information

    Seniors, Parents/Guardians:


    We want to make each parent/guardian of our seniors, as well as the seniors themselves, aware ofour expectations for each individual who will participate in this year's formal commencement ceremony or who will attend as a spectator.  MHS has a rich tradition of conducting formal commencement ceremonies. Your support and your directions to your son/daughter expressing exactly the type of behavior we expect from them, which is in line with what we will outline below, is the manner by which you can actively support our efforts.  Together we can help to ensure the dignity of this year's graduation ceremony.
    • All seniors who plan to participate in this year's graduation ceremony must have attended a Mandatory Senior Meeting on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, beginning at 8:00 a.m. The meeting provids specific guidelines concerning graduation.
    • All MHS Student fees and debts must be paid by May 12 through Skyward or the MHS Treasurer prior to a student receiving their cap & gown and in order to
      participate in commencement.
    • Commencement will be held on Thursday, May 31st, and will begin at 7:00 p.m. The
      ceremony will be held in the Englehardt Gymnasium, at Merrillville High School. Parents
      and guests may only enter through doors H & R. The ceremony will last approximately
      ninety (90) minutes. Doors will open at 6:15 p.m. to only those parents and guests
      who hold tickets.
    • GRADUATES are to report to the school at 6:00 p.m. to DOOR M for a dress
      rehearsal. Only graduates will be allowed into the school prior to 6:15 p.m.
    • The graduation ceremony is not an open house. Tickets will be sold only to graduates who
      will be participating in commencement.
    • Anyone choosing to bring a toddler or infant is responsible for their behavior. If a baby is
      crying or a toddler is disruptive, you will be asked to remove the child from the ceremony


    • Students can purchase 4 tickets. The tickets are $5.00 each. Tickets are available only on May 15 & 16 outside the main cafeteria and may only be purchased by students who have ordered a cap and gown through our vendor.


    • Each senior who intends to participate in this year's graduation ceremony will be required to sign a "SENIOR AGREEMENT" that he/she has read and understands. This agreement
      spells out expectations for appropriate conduct during the ceremony. Before a student will
      be issued his/her cap and gown, the signed "agreement" must be turned in to Mr. Krutz’s
      secretary, Marsh Piercon.

    CAP & GOWN

    • Cap & Gowns will be available on May 15 &16 outside the main cafeteria at MHS. All
      debts must be paid upon pick up or purchase of a cap & gown. Jostens will only accept
      cash on the day of pick up. If a student is considered on track to graduate and has ordered
      a cap and gown, but is not participating in commencement, they may pick up their cap &
      gown the day AFTER the ceremony.


    • The clothing required in order to participate in commencement is as follows:
      • A cap and gown purchased this year from the vendor with which M.H.S. has
        contracted. Due to possible differences in color of material, design changes, and
        appearances/care of previous years' caps and gowns, only current caps and gowns
        will be worn. Alterations to caps and gowns will not be allowed.
      • Girls are to wear dresses, dress pants, or skirts and blouses under their gown.
        Dress shoes are also required.
      • Boys are required to wear collared dress shirts and ties, long dark dress pants, and
        dark dress shoes.
      • NO FLIPFLOPS, GYM SHOES, are to be worn. Students will be denied admission
        to the ceremony if they are not dressed appropriately.


    • Students who exhibit improper behavior will be removed from the ceremony and will delay
      the issuance of their diploma. Students under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be
      barred from participation and will be referred to the authorities present.
    • Spectators will be required to remain seated. Standing in aisles/passageways will be
      prohibited so that everyone can enjoy the program without their views being obstructed.
      Spectators are also asked to refrain from any yelling or shouting. This is a dignified
      ceremony. Many hours of preparation are put into this evening to ensure it is memorable for
      both graduates and guests.
    • Applause or any sign of individual recognition (such as cheering and screaming) is
      inappropriate. The next student who walks across the stage will not have their name heard
      with yelling and shouting from the audience. Any guest of the graduates who disrupt the
      ceremony will be asked to leave.
    • BALLOONS, FLOWERS, FOOD, and BEVERAGES will not be permitted in the


    • A professional photographer will take each graduates picture as he/she crosses the stage.  Each senior will receive, by mail, a color proof. Students may order pictures directly
      through the mail from Gradimages. Spectator photographs may only be taken from the
      seats, and no one is to leave his/her seat in order to approach the stage for the purpose of
      taking photos. A designated area will be established for those wanting to set-up video
      cameras with tripods.


    • Seniors will receive a diploma jacket during the ceremony. Students may pick up their
      actual diplomas in the guidance office on Monday, June 25th. A Merrillville High School
      picture I.D., MUST be shown to the secretaries who will be passing out the diplomas.
      Students who are unable to come in to pick up their diplomas may call Mrs. Pollard (650-
      5375) to make alternate arrangements for pick-up. We DO NOT mail diplomas.


    • The Ross Township Ministerial Association will sponsor a Baccalaureate (Non-
      Denominational) Religious Ceremony. Participation in this ceremony is strictly voluntary.
      The date is TENTATIVELY scheduled for May 20, 2018. It will be held at the Bethel Church 10201 Broadway, Crown Point.  4:00 PM.

    Sincerely, Mr. Mike Krutz,


    Graduation Parking Map


    MHS Graduation Map




    Congratulations to Azariah Avery, 2018 Boys & Girls Club's Youth of the Year

    Azariah is the Lake County Winner and will receive a $2500 Scholarship



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