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A Message from Mrs. Hillan, Iddings Principal     

        Welcome to Iddings Elementary School!  Iddings School is one of five elementary schools in the Merrillville Community School Corporation.  Iddings School is located north of 73rd Avenue on Van Buren Street.  Iddings enrollment is approximately 650 students in grade K - 4.     

         Your child's education is a important to the staff here at Iddings as it is to you.  I encourage you to become an active participant in your son's or daughter's education.  This can be done in the following ways: Ask your child to show you three things that they have learned in school today. Check you child's homework.  Each teacher has their own way of sending homework home.  Make sure you understand what homework to expect, when to expect it, and how the teacher communicates homework assignments to both your child and you. Review your child's daily work.  Praise them for work well done and review assignments that indicate that your child did not understand the concept.  Contact your child's teacher if your child is struggling and you need some extra ideas and suggestions. Provide your child with a good breakfast and a good lunch.  Breakfast and lunch can be from our school or you can send lunch from home.  Research tells us that students can't concentrate when they are hungry. Make sure your child has an adequate night's sleep.  Again, research tells us that student's lacking sleep are lethargic and unable to concentrate. Emphasize the importance of education.  It is the key to your child's future success. Reading is important to all students.  Read with your child each day and let your child see that you enjoy reading as well.  A family reading time is a nice way to show your child that reading is important to everyone. Practice math daily.  Show your son or daughter how you use math in your daily chores around the house. Be an active parent at Iddings School. Communicate with your child's teacher.  The staff at Iddings School is dedicated to providing your child with an excellent education.  They want to know your questions and concerns, but they need that information from you. I am looking forward to working with all students and parents. 
Let's become a TEAM, because Together Everyone Achieves More.
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