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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Parents are asked to call the office to report their child's absence.  This communication between home and school will ensure the child's safety.  A written excuse signed by the parent and giving reason for absence is also required for all students upon their return to school.  Notes should include:
    A.  Name of student
    B.  Grade and teacher
    C.  Exact nature of illness or other reason for absence
    D.  Date of absence
    E.  Parent or guardian's signature

The following shall be considered valid reasons for student absences.
    A.  Personal illness
    B.  Death in the immediate family
    C.  Quarantine
    D.  Court attendance required by legal authorities
    E.  Dental or medical appointments (must be arranged in advance)
    F.  Planned absences of up to ten days for students with good academic standing
    G.  Religious holidays

All other absences are considered unexcused.

Last Modified on November 22, 2010