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Homework Hotline System Instructions For Teachers
Instructions for Teachers
To change your homework hotline password, recorded name, or homework message:
  1. From an internal phone, call extension 5401 (From home call (219) 650-5401).
  2. When the greeting begins to play press the "#" (pound/number) button.
  3. When so instructed, enter your hotline's 4-digit number.
  4. When so instructed, enter your password. (If you do not know your password send an email to MCSC Logon)
This places you at the MAIN MENU
From the main menu you can:
Change Your Password --- Keep you password confidential and DO CHANGE IT
To change your password from the MAIN MENU:
From the Main Menu enter 6416 and follow the instructions. (Passwords must be 4 digits) 
LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THE SPOKEN INSTRUCTIONS, you will be asked to enter your NEW password 2 times! (The 2nd time is to confirm it!)
When finished enter 777 to return to the MAIN MENU.
Record Your Name
To record your name from the MAIN MENU (Must be recorded the first time you call):
1.   From the Main Menu enter 6411.
2.  When finished enter 777 to return to the MAIN MENU.
Change the Homework Message
1.  From the Main Menu enter 33 and follow the system's instructions.  (As per the spoken instructions, don't forget to press the # button after you have finished recording your message.)
2.  When finished enter 77 to return to the MAIN MENU.
 Make sure you speak in a loud voice during recording. If you speak too softly the system may mistakenly think you have finished your message.
 Instructions for Students
1.  Call the homework hotline at (219) 650-5401.
2.  When instructed, they should dial the teachers 4-digit homework hotline number.
3.  After the message is played students may enter another hotline number or hang up.
Last Modified on May 13, 2015